What is zero-touch provisioning

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is an approach to network configuration where no manual intervention is required to configure devices. Instead, the device automatically obtains its settings during installation.

Zero-touch provisioning is also known as self-service Provisioning, automated Provisioning, auto-provisioning or zero-touch deployment. It is used by service providers when deploying services such as mobile phones, broadband connections, WiFi hotspots, etc. The goal is to allow customers to connect to these services without having to interact with a technician.

Zero-touch provisioning is an automated process of setting up devices that eliminates much of the manual labour involved in deploying network devices. This allows IT staff to configure devices in a larger scale environment, reducing the chances of error and ensuring consistent settings across devices.

Zero-touch provisioning allows you to update your systems using scripts without having to log into each machine individually. This method saves time and resources.

The idea behind it is simple: instead of logging onto every single device manually, use a central server to perform tasks like updating firmware, installing new apps, and changing system settings.

This approach reduces the amount of time required for deployment because there are fewer steps involved. And since everything happens online, there’s no need to physically connect each machine to a computer.

As mentioned earlier, zero-touch provisioning is based on the premise that devices will be the same. However, this is not always the case. Some devices may have specific requirements to operate correctly. Others may not work well with certain networks.

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