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In the Heist League, players can see two new things, contracts and markers. This is exclusive to this league. Markers is a new form of currency, you can exchange various skills and services with Rogues. Players mainly use it and POE Currency to buy some helpful items for the robbery. If they can steal the treasure stipulated in the contract, they can sell the treasure to Fence to get many markers to maintain the follow-up robbery needs.

Contracts are areas or maps of the world representing the locations of the robbery. Each contract is attached to the artifact that needs to be stolen. Players can use the dropped contracts or modifiers to make their own contracts. The higher the quality of the drafted contract, the more difficult the robbery they need to face.

To offset the increased difficulty of the game team, the more rewards players can get if they rob. The throes of the various modifiers are random, but like all handcrafted items in POE, players quickly discover a pool of modifiers that contains the specific currency with which it changed them. Like most POE leagues, they can loot at level 3. Loot is essentially a new map added to the game that can accessed before the in-game content used up.

All in all, players who can master Heist's gameplay are bound to develop smoothly in the game. In Rogue Port, they also need to observe the specialties of each thief and form a team of thieves with good abilities in all aspects to start the robbery based on their own needs and actual economic strength. If they don't do it well, they are very likely to be caught by the guards and they will get nothing. Players had better Buy POE Currency and POE Items to start all this again because that would be more secure.

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