OSRS A Porcine of Interest quest

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A new novice quest named A Porcine of Interest is introduced in the recent official survey blog. Read the details below to find out the newest OSRS A Porcine of Interest quest as well as the Slayer monster Porcine Pest AND osrs minigame services.

A Porcine of Interest OSRS new pursuit

According to the latest A Porcine of Interest official news article, the development team intends to launch a brand new novice quest named A Porcine of Interest. The aim of this quest is to help new players get to grip and have some fun gameplay using Slayer skills.

A Porcine of Interest has no prerequisites. Upon completion, you will gain the following rewards:

5000 GP

1000 Slayer XP

Access to some new Slayer task

Together with the A Porcine of Interest, there's also a proposed new Slayer monster known as the Porcine Pest. The Porcine Pest can be assigned by Turael post-completion, in quantities of 15-50. The Porcine Pests are piggy monsters that can be discovered in a cave-like lair from the Misthalin region. The cave is going to be single-combat but cannon able.

After completing OSRS A Porcine of Interest pursuit, the Slayer Helm will gain the protective attributes of your new goggles. Slayer Helms won't be broken when the quest is discharged.

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