Lol I hope your girlfriend gets into school!

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This is so Animal Crossing New Horizons Items adorable!! How can you start designing dollhouse furniture? I have been wanting to do it, but I don't know where to start!

So adorable!!! I want to also say, you put a great deal of thought and work into this, this amazing!

Just curious, why am I getting always down voted on this sub? It is not the first time either. I really don't care to go downvoted if I said something stupid but that I was giving someone a compliment?

What I need to know is if any one of you obscenely creative individuals have managed to make irl nova or mush lamps yet?

Dude, this is amazing. I watched the YouTube video too and has been super engaged the whole time. Would really like to try something similar to this too (but I know mine will not seem quite as good as yours)! Thanks for sharing!!

My girlfriend is trying to get in to Optometry college, and she wished to manifest her fantasy through Animal Crossing, this really is actually the fruits of her labor!

Hello OP! Optom student here. Can she design my own upcoming testing space please? Additionally, main point I was intended to make actually, on a course such as this being passionate is everything and she is already nailing that bit. Bless her! Best of luck to her

Tell her to never quit and keep at it and she'll realize her dream! Additionally, I adore this chamber notion, it seems great!

I am a 4th year opt student, and if my part 1 board test got cancelled and I could not be in clinic anymore I funneled hundreds of hours to this match:p You can check out my Optometry

Looks great!!! I've used the microscope as a slit lamp within my little in game office hehe inform her that she can perform it!!! Application season and getting in is the hardest part!

Aww the cutest optometrist! Lol I hope your girlfriend gets into school!

Wow omg I had been going to do the exact same thing in my island but I certainly would've been able to execute it like this!! I am also hoping to get to optometry school, I wish her the very best of luck!!

First year optometry student ! I'm in love with this!

Tell your buy bells for animal crossing new horizons girlfriend to never give up! The trip to becoming accepted is a crazy one (especially this year), however it's worth it in the end once you get in.

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