What is a Templar and how to build it to help players play more smoothly

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There are seven categories of roles in POE. Each character has at least one speciality and three. Each allowed character category gets unique attributes and abilities according to the advantages the player chooses. If the players choose the Templar as the character to play, there will be 3 options for the advantage category. They are judges, priests and guardians. The inquisitor is good at ignoring elemental resistance and issuing powerful critical strikes. If they want to use spell-based totem construction, then Hierophant is an excellent choice. Guardians are more like supporters because they use defenses and provide energy shields for allies. Depending on how players want to play Templar, each option is an excellent choice. Having more POE Currency will make players smoother.

Spark is one of the oldest skills in the game and has be used in various meta versions and caused damage for many years. Spark allows players to combine damage, defense, and economy for self-projection. Spark even has enough range. It is an excellent choice at the beginning, because the player can keep the distance and cause tremendous damage to the enemy from a long distance.

This kind of architecture takes up a lot of screen space because it can eliminate every enemy in sight quickly. Vaal Spark is the key skill that allows players to use Spark as the main source of damage. The three core auras used to build are Zealot, Ice Messenger and Thunder Messenger. They also recommend it to use golems to enhance damage and survivability, the best choice for summoning lightning golems to attack, and the best choice for summoning stone golems for defense. When trying to increase the mobility of the building, they can use Flame Dash, which also allows players to get Arcane Surge support.

In summary, the role of Templar is very cool for POE players who want to pursue excitement. Novice players may not be able to adapt to it, so they need to Buy POE Currency and POE Items first. The help of these items will speed up their game progress.

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