Lost Ark: rundown of servers and seasons of resets for every area

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If you own an Crystalline Aura active, you are able to access your personal storage with your pet Lost Ark Gold. All you have to do is activate the pet features to grant the same access to your storage as talking to a storage keeper. The only downside is that it requires a Crystalline Aura active, which is an expensive item.

Use your own storage space prior to setting out on a trip to make sure you do not have a full inventory. In the course of your adventure in Lost Ark, you'll come through a variety of bosses and monsters. While these encounters can feel like a walk in the park, dealing with global bosses might require you to be on top of your game.

The map in Lost Ark is comprised of vast continents. Each will have bosses major that players will need to deal with in the course of the game. Salt Giant Salt Giant may have a face that is scary on the exterior, but its lore reveals its selfless efforts to safeguard Yudian soil. The Salt Giant was an elemental during its glory days However, it had to sacrifice itself by absorbing all the evil energy that emerged after the demise of Encavia.

Although the elemental was able to come up with the correct idea of burying itself beneath ground to ensure that one is injured if something goes wrong, the idea was in a state of corruption and disintegration when it came back hundreds of years after the event.

Salt Giant Salt Giant is located in the southeast region of Saland Hills city, which is located on the Aregal Salt Plains in Lost Ark. Similar to other bosses in the world, Salt Giant also spawns every 30 minutes Buy Lost Ark Boosting. Therefore, if you are unable to locate it in the area below You'll have to wait until it respawns.

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