Reasons Why Copper Pipes Are Better Than Aluminium Pipes

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Here are some reasons why copper pipes are better than aluminum pipes.


Plumbers prefer to use copper pipes over aluminum pipes as it deteriorates quickly in water. Aluminum strains into the water leaving a detectable “taste”, it is extra fragile than copper and cracks more quickly. It requires inactive gas welding or more costly compression joints whereas copper can be easily brazed with a standard oxyacetylene torch.


Aluminum pipes are suitable for hydraulic hose fittings systems moving oils in case weight is a problem but not so much for water systems.


Have a look at PEX piping. It costs less than copper and has an expansion in case of freezing that can be a good benefit. Much easier to install as well.


Galvanized steel piping was good for 15–20 years. There are homes with copper piping and hydraulic hose in various towns that are over a century old with no problem. And, there are some still around with 19th-century bamboo piping. PEX hasn't been introduced long ago to get persistent viability numbers yet many chose it for their homes. Aluminum piping installed in the 50s and 60s lasts 5–10 years learning “funny taste in water” the whole time.


Post-WWII, aluminum was pushed as the be-all and end-all of construction materials. It is totally unsuitable for a lot of applications that were tried back then. eg Electrical wiring where the joints corrode then start fires.



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