For Beach photographer Hilton Head Island or other photography needs, trust Phoenix Photography to do a great job!

Professional photography has been a part of my life for over 30 years. Over that time, I've worked in an array of photography settings. I specialize in creating high-quality commercial, fashion, and real estate images.

Before going into Beach photographer Hilton Head Island, it helps to know what a good photograph is and about the intricacies of good photography. Prior to taking a photo, the photographer should have a goal or reason for taking the photo and he/she then fulfils that goal most effectively.  A photograph doesn't exist without a reason behind it and this reason is the vision behind the photo. This reason or vision exits in the mind of the photographer and then the eyes look at the scene in front and figures out how exactly that scene will appear in the photo.-from then on it is getting there.  Having a vision may be easy, but the challenge lies in matching the photo to that vision that resides in the mind. While taking the photo, it is important to consider every aspect of photography and it doesn’t work when you take a snapshot when something just catches the eye; rather all photographs should be taken with an intention. Eliminating the unwelcomed elements from the final photograph is important and every element in the photo should have a purpose of being in that photo. Finally, the subject is of utmost importance as also finding the right audience for the photos.

Our experience and expertise speaks in Beach photographer Hilton Head Island and in other photographs

For most, weddings are once in a lifetime experience and the photos you take at your weddings are cherished forever.  For your wedding photography,  it is good to rest your faith on an enterprise that is competent enough and to cut short your troubles in finding one such photography unit, it is advisable to go in for Phoenix Photography. This company understands all the criteria of photography described above and headed by Ansel Adams, it does a good job. This owner has around 30 years of experience and has worked in different photography settings, and specializes in fashion, commercial and real estate images.  It is noteworthy to mention that Ansel has covered more than 1000 events and has travelled to more than 50 cities and states. Many actors and models have taken her expertise to boost their careers and though her home base is Savannah, she also takes on-location assignments. 

Apart from weddings and engagements, Phoenix Photography also renders other photography services like Headshots, Families, Architectural, Videography, Old Oak Mansion Venue and Beach Photographer Hilton Head Island. For beach photography, Hilton Head Island is a prime destination and Phoenix takes all necessary steps to offer you the best photographs taken there, whether beach portraits, engagement shoots or family on every occasion. You can book your sessions online or over the phone and before these sessions, several consultations are held over the phone or by email. With Weddings $349 per hour (packages available), Videography $249 per hour (licensed and fully insured), Engagements $249 per hour (plus travel) and Family Photos on the Beach $250 per hour (includes free downloads and Photoshop), you will find the rates charged by Phoenix quite reasonable.  So, doesn’t it make sense to hire them on your special occasions apart from as Beach Photographer Hilton Head Island? For indeed, as said, some photographs are to be cherished!