Path of Exile: Scorching Bishop Boss Fighting Guide

Prepare for Searing Bishop in Path of Exile, Siege of Atlas expansion pack is here and introduces four new bosses to Path of Exile’s sprawling endgame.

Prepare for Searing Bishop in Path of Exile, Siege of Atlas expansion pack is here and introduces four new bosses to Path of Exile’s sprawling endgame. Searing Archbishop  will provide players with significant challenges and substantial rewards. Battle is visually impressive to players and can be seen at a glance. However, searing bishop is indeed most direct of new bosses. Once players know what to pay attention to, they can easily deal with it. This guide will help them succeed against Searing Bishop. After reading this guide, players who still have questions can visit POECurrency, a professional game service provider, where they will get answers they want.

Searing Bishop Boss Battle Guide

Searing Archbishop spends most of his combat time cycling through his three primary abilities. Each of these is heralded by a specific voice line that makes them responsive. First two to watch out for are “Disintegrate!” and “Destroy!” These may sound like major threats, but these attacks are easy to Buy POE Orbs. Disintegration creates a wall of fire that deals massive fire damage over time. If that wall falls between player and Searing Archbishop, they can push it towards ground. Even so, it’s easy to dodge, and players can simply jump over it with Flame Dash. Annihilation fires a series of fiery beams towards ground, tracking players around arena. They can run in complete circles and dodge entire attack. Characters with significant health regeneration through regeneration or lifesteal can even resist this attack, despite its ominous name. What player really needs to pay attention to is “Incineration!” When Searing Bishop yells “Incineration”, run away. It’s a grand slam, covering about two-thirds of  field, and most players take a shot. Just before slam lands, a large burning mark will appear, indicating the edge of its range. Get past that and they’ll be fine.

Searing Bishop Barrage Stage Skills

If there’s one scary thing about Searing Bishop, it’s bullet hell phase that projects a wall of magma balls onto screen. It’s easy for players to panic and die here, but it’s not as scary as it looks if player knows what to look out for. During this phase, Maven will float above them and shoot purple beams, evaporating some fireballs. Watch her shots, then slip through gaps they create. If player gets stuck, they can also use Flame Dash to jump over coming line. As with most boss fights, Flame Dash’s instant blink makes it best move skill here.

If player has minions or totems, they can also get out of this stage. Fireballs explode on impact and disappear, no matter what they hit. Throw some totems or onetime minions in front of player and sea of ​​fire will split. It’s a very old-fashioned strategy, but don’t judge them.

Bullet Hell phase may occur multiple times during a fight, but will always trigger when Searing Bishop reaches around 20% health. This trigger phase is more extreme and requires dodging more fireballs. However, a build with enough DPS can actually kill him before trigger finishes. The higher the player’s damage, the easier the fight will be.

Okay, do players understand? It is particularly important to combine theory with practice. Players who feel that it is helpful to themselves can apply this theory to actual game, and it will be extremely beneficial to them successfully clearing game.