I guess you won't Have the Ability to miss RuneScape

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I guess you won't Have the Ability to miss RuneScape

The third RuneScape gold premise is that it doesn't need to start with"B" and is not sailing. I can not say exactly what the new ability is expect that it's not sailing. The fourth assumption is that it is totally different to existing abilities, current popular lines of thinking and no one has ever done it before.

Proof (RSOF QF 13-14-745-60279545, Mod MMG QA): It is most likely true that nobody has come close so much as to imagining the new ability, but that's probably because it just has not been achieved before. (About ThirdScape) I do not want to give it away though because it's really exciting and nobody has done it so we're kind of keeping that you near our chest.

Particular Assumptions - Extrapolating from known information which may not be on the new skill. The initial assumption is that Jagex's trademarks for Never End, Infinite Dungeon and/or Dungeon Master relate to this brand new skill. Proof: The first two were improved in March 2009 (origin ) before their announcement of ThirdScape's cancellation in May 2009 (origin ). Mod Korpz was requested if those two were related to FunOrb and said"Not to my knowledge, in fact I don't understand why these are trade marked" (FOOF QF 7-8-674-36116).

The next premise is that Jagex's strategy from March 2004 to get"Randomly generated scenarios, where a fresh adventure is created for you and your friends every time you go onto it. Form an adventuring party and go on your own personal quest" (source) relates to the new skill. Evidence: Not really, but as the game engine is shared between RuneScape and MechScape/Stellar Dawn it's possible that improvements made for a single project has allowed for things in RuneScape which weren't OSRS Money previously feasible.The Roleplay / Dungeon Master theory - My guess on how it all ties together.

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