You can pick Light's Vestige as the second tripod

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A sword-swing that can propel enemies up, Executor's Saddle can be a combo when you hold down the key, making a downward-facing attack at the conclusion Lost Ark Gold. It is a great way to fight bosses if you strike from the front. they do the blue glow warning you that a major attack is on the way, which is why it's a Punish skill worth using for both loadouts. Quick Pace gives you a move boost, Weak Point Enhancement increases damage to the enemy as well as Executioner's Stike, which adds another attack to the end on the attack.

Combining forward thrust with a beam attack, Holy Sword is another counter to have to use in all loadouts. The drawback is that it is interruptible. A position that is positioned reduces the charging time, Weak Point Detection increases the damage of bosses that are immune to pushing as well as Condensed Energy narrows the beam while increasing damage by 120 percent. It's an excellent option in both loadouts, and when used solo it will be your best-killer particularly when it is used following the name skill Sacred Executioner to make it more powerful.

A simple attack that well, launches you straight to the front. Charge provides you with a second movement skill, and can be combined with speed to travel around islands and run fetch quests more quickly. It'll also get you away from attacks with an area-of-effect. Oh, you can hit people with it too. Take Excellent Mobility to add to the distance of your weapon, and if you have spare points Shining Protection to give yourself a shield just in case you fail to make it completely out from the area of attack. It's not worth going to the third tripod, but good enough to be able to use both loadouts.

Execution of Justice lets you spin anywhere and then slash anyone that comes close, while Holy Explosion grants you an area-of-effect attack. You can pick Light's Vestige as the second tripod Cheap Lost Ark Gold. It has the identical debuff to Light Shock and Godsent Law and, theoretically, replace them with your support loadout.

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