Helpful Ways to Increase FPS in Path of Exile

Here's what you can do to increase FPS in Path of Exile.

When you play POE you must know that sometimes your FPS will gradually slow down. It doesn't change no matter how you tweak your rig, more different builds, lower FPS may happen periodically. Even though you're not some kind of powergamer, you're going for higher FPS. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce you a trick to increase FPS to help you kill more enemies and earn POE Currency.

First and foremost is to check your Windows power settings

Windows sometimes crashes us by changing power settings. What are the power settings? Well, there will be several different 'power plans' for you to choose from, all of which are basically designed around throttling components like CPUs that ultimately help us save power. This is very friendly for laptops because it reduces our power consumption, but basically useless for desktop computers because we are always connected to the power supply, and when playing POE, we are all after the computer higher performance.

If our computer's CPU is not fully functioning, it will greatly reduce the experience of the game and also lead to a significant reduction in FPS. By keeping the CPU running at full power, our FPS will most likely be higher and more stable. Make sure to check this option, as Windows often changes settings on its own to reduce power consumption.

The above is the introduction of how to improve FPS this time. If you have a better method, you can explore it yourself, or leave a message to communicate with me. If you have the will to buy POE Currency, I recommend you to deal with POECurrency because of its cheap price and extremely fast delivery. Good luck.

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