The items required are M'amulet mould Gold bar

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Garkor's location is OSRS gold displayed in blue.

When talking with Garkor be sure not be able to close the conversation until the point that he has instructed you to meet Zooknock. Keep Protect from Missiles activated and follow the north-facing path until you get to the doorway.

As you enter the home Be sure not to walk out of the brown dirt, or you may be in jail yet again. Inside , you'll be assaulted by a swarm of aggressive and poisonous spiders. You must be sure to keep the antipoison as the poison they use only affects one. You may choose bananas as alternatives. They are available within the crates just next to the ladder.

The jail's layout.

Search the crates in the middle of the room and find the dentures of the monkey. Make sure you stay on the dark brown dirt. The guard sleeping will notify the guards should you choose to talk to him. If not, he poses nothing.

Locate the crate at the southernmost point. Heal up before entering the cavern below as you will take damage If you fall down. Damage may also be averted by having your Agility adequate. Look through the crates in the northwest part of the cave until you discover the M'amulet mold.

If you are required to replenish your inventory you can leave the city by heading to the south-east corner of it. Reach the ladder by running through the gravedigger and the guards. Take the boat back to Crash Island.

Part 2

The items required are M'amulet mould Gold bar, M'amulet mould, and monkey dentures. Recommended: 4plus prayer potions, high quality food, antipoison 1-2 potions as well as emergency teleports, plank and 4+ energy potions

It is recommended that at this point it is recommended to think about teleporting and opening a bank. You'll need to get around the Zombie monkeys , and they will cause relatively minor harm (max 7.). Multicombat area , that's what you might refer to the dungeon. Literally, the whole thing. Skeletons from gorillas can RuneScape gold cause the most problems, since they are precise and hard (up at 12).

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