MSB + the best archers / Mithril throwing knives

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OSRS Range Training Guide OSRS gold

How often has this happened to you? You log into. Chat with bankers at on behalf of the GE. Take aim with Zaff and then buy his battlestaffs that are superior. Teleport around and ask God to Guthix your patches of herb appear healthy. Also, you should pray that your favorite streamer is live right now. You suddenly notice the chat room of your friends is brimming with excitement. What's happening? In the midst of all the spam your captain's message stands out like a single drop. It reads "Guys take your tribrid gearand let's go!" Like that, the excitement erupts from your veins like an ever-fading magic spell. What's the reason? Apart from your sheer power and wizard-like essence you are not the standard of an elite ranger. The process of killing players can take a long time. The maximum hit is almost blue dragons. The thought of working at high levels of training makes you cry. In addition, the thought of enduring months to the last day isn't your cup tea, is it? (ours either). We've discovered the thoughts of OSRS crown archers. From their OSRS ranger boots , to their last inventory space. Why? We're bringing you this unofficially amazing Runescape levels guide. An easy OSRS range guide to help you reach the levels of range you require to unleash huge hits and amaze your fellow players. As you've probably guessed, the process of achieving 99 range can take months. This is why we've put together a brief but effective OSRS range training guide that will cut time in two.

OSRS Range Training Guide

1. Ammonite Crabs

Ammonite crabs OSRS Range Training


Bone Voyage

Take a step onto Fossil Island and step into a time that has passed. The mushrooms tower like massive redwood trees. Volcanoes release red rockets of magma that is molten. Ammonite crabs roam wild on along the sandy coastline. They are relatives of their sand and rock counterparts. At level 25. At level 25. with 100 hits. They're an excellent AFK place to practice. It doesn't matter if you've got 30-70 range. It doesn't matter if you're a primary or OSRS ranger. Their weak defense allows your arrows penetrate their shell with accuracy. What's the most delicious secret to this Runescape area of ranged training? You'll not only take very little damage, but you'll also earn an amazing amount of OSRS Range xp (level dependent) every hour. Ammonite crabs also drop fossils that are not identified. After cleaning, you will receive an additional prayer in The House on the Hill.

Clothing to Wear:

MSB + the best archers / Mithril throwing knives

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