The Necrolords command Maldraxxus

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The bottom line is WoTLK Classic Gold that players shouldn't always go with class aesthetics when choosing the Covenant. Instead, it could be advantageous to select the Covenant that offers beneficial bonuses and combat abilities that the individual character. As an example, it may appear Paladins are good Kyrians on the basis of their general characteristics such as protection and Retribution Paladins could be better than the Night Fae as well as the Venthyr depending on bonuses and combat abilities. Additionally, although Rogues with their turbulent pasts may be better suited for the Venthyr However, they're much stronger in the role of Night Fae or Kyrians. Players need to decide what is most appropriate for their character instead of using archetypes.


The Kyrians occupy the city of Bastion and are regarded as Soul Guides. Like angels, they shuttle souls between the world of living and the world from the grave. They have a number of characteristics that are:

Ordered and purposeful

Aiming to serve others

Affluent, righteous, and virtuous

A Kyrian Signature ability is Summon Steward. They will receive a Phial of Serenity that can restore 20% of health and erase all Curse or disease, poison or Bleeding effects. The Steward will also give additional useful items during the four minutes following the ability is used.

Kyrian players will earn angelic-looking Kyrian armor and weapon Transmog in addition to the exclusive Phalynx and the Eternal Phalynx of Purity mounts and a mini-steward-like owl pet named Ruffle, special Soulbinds, and access to the Eternal Gateway transportation network, among other rewards. These are available through climbing Renown ranks.


The Necrolords command Maldraxxus and are considered Military Guardians. They are militaristic and defend World of Warcraft from external threats. WoW WoTLK Classic from external dangers. They have several key traits. Necrolords include:

Inflexible and stubborn

Strength and value

Faith of "survival of the fittest" cheap WoTLK Gold