The character's might have the strained morality that makes for a great Venthyr.

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Also, while they're not the perfect match, Mages may find that the powerful lichies and sorcerers found in Maldraxxus are worthy of their abilities. Not every wow classic tbc gold  character from World of Warcraft needs to be armed, but the powerful frost magic of Mage's abilities would definitely fit the Necrolords design.

Ardenweald is the location of the afterlife for the many Nature spirits that are part of World of Warcraft, and the Night Fae play an important part in caring for the world. The Night Fae devote their lives to serving the spirits who travel through Ardenweald making every effort to help heal and protect souls who suffer from nightmares and injury. Even though it is true that the Night Fae do not concern their own humanoid spirits in the same way as other covenants, characters with a connection to nature may feel their calling is the most significant of all.

The Night Fae may have the evident class that is a perfect fit in the entire world of World of warcraft TBC, one of which is the Druid. Druids already devote themselves to the protection of nature during their lifetime and serving nature after death is reasonable. The Night Fae is also a part of a group known as the Wild Hunt, and is charged with protecting the forest from attack.

This creates the Hunter an excellent WoW class to take part in this covenant. Alongside Druid and Druid, both can fit into the forest of Ardenweald with ease. The bond that World of Warcraft's Shaman have created with nature and their dedication to protecting the peace of the world might make them a reasonable option to join nighttime Fae.

Revendreth, the last zone in World of warcraft TBC, is the home of wayward souls who must seek redemption. These souls committed various evil wrongs throughout their lives and have to atone for their wrongs in order to avoid The Maw. The Venthyr are the covenant that is that is charged with the soul's rehabilitation Many of their members were souls that needed to atone themselves. The reason is that people who've committed sins in their lives make perfect candidates for becoming Venthyr.

The characters of every class could have a reason for seeking redemption, but one class they may need to prioritize atonement is that of the Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters use the fel magic of the Burning Legion in order to power their abilities, and the use of the forbidden magic can help people realize the wrong they did. Warlocks also find themselves in a similar position, and their practice of Demonology has always been controversial to the other World of Warcraft classes. Both classes blur an equilateral line of good and evil making them ideal decisions. Furthermore, Rogues are said for their lives of crime and deceit The character's might have the strained morality that makes for a great Venthyr.

The characters of every class could have a reason for seeking redemption, while they work to level. A lot of the top aesthetics picks for covenants aren't actually the best mechanical matches, and players can still pick the World of warcraft TBC covenant in accordance with their skills rather than cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold  lore. In the final analysis, all four covenants are striving for the same end which is defeating The Jailer. And no which covenant the character selects, they'll have the chance to defeat him.