How Will You Best Use Of Online Press Release Services

KISS PR is a unique storytelling platform for the modern marketer. Instead of submitting ordinary news stories to an extensive group of newswires and hoping for results, we submit the RIGHT story.

The press release distribution service is a tool that allows you to automatically or manually send your press releases to a wider target audience such as social networks, journalists, bloggers, influencers, and any number of target audiences in traditional or digital media. When your approved press releases are submitted to reputable PR submission sites, you will get more and more quality backlinks.

KISS PR Press Release Distribution Services

KISS PR is a superior online Press Release Services which is a 100% white Label Reseller Friendly Newswire (a service that is involved in circulating the latest news stories through the web). It handles the distribution of press releases for its clients and even without its brand or logo. It has a reputation for ranking more than 20k client press release stories and has been involved with more than 200 agencies worldwide.


As it’s also a first-rate SEO company, it knows how to optimize a story for organic traffic. It is always on the lookout for partners who will be associated with its press release reseller program. Its Private Label Press Release Partner Program provides unbranded Press Release Services to SEO companies, PR professionals, GIG Operators in Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

White Label Reseller Program Vs Private Label Reseller Program

If you differentiate between the white label program and the private label program, then you would find that the white label products are generic and sold to multiple retailers who label and price the products based on niche markets. Private label products are sold exclusively to a single retailer and are unique to them.

Online PR Distribution

Online Press Release Distribution and submission is a popular trend in the SEO industry for pushing any website’s rank high in all major search engines. Press release distribution is used by the majority of online marketers and promoters as their primary online marketing strategy. Being a top-rated Online PR Distribution service, KISS PR can provide you several benefits while offering Press Release Distribution and Submission services and help you build your personal as well as business brand such as –

  • Submission to large and notable newswires
  • Get you noticed in Social Media, Bloggers Influencers
  • Get you via large podcast
  • Get you through large media platforms for building your personal and business brand
  • Building a Google Knowledge Panel
  • Get you social media verified
  • Provide internal and external communication to the News Journalists

KISS PR provides comprehensive Online PR Distribution support such as- Personalized Editorial Guidance, Industry Specific Distribution Options, and Detail Reporting, SEO Consulting Social Reach.


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