What Are Vape Mods & Where Can You Buy Mods in London?

Time to buy a new Vape Mod? Read this article to equip you with everything to need to know when buying a vape mod in London.

What Are Vape Mods Where Can You Buy Mods in London?

Vape Mods

You may have heard the term “vape mod” if you’re looking to buy a new vape or if you’re doing some research before you decide to quit smoking for good. But how does a vape mod differ from other types of vapes, and more importantly what is it?
We will cover everything you need to know about “What is a Vape Mod” here, such as what defines them as mods, what their pros and cons are, and who they are best suited for.

What Are Vape Mods?

A vape mod is essentially the bulky bottom portion of a vape kit, where the battery and other electrical parts are located.
You will need to buy a tank separately if you buy a mod by itself. Some vapers invest in many tanks and frequently switch flavours anytime they feel like something new. You won’t need to empty your e-liquid and refill your tank as frequently as you would if you were using a single tank if you enjoy smoking a variety of various flavours.
Mods are typically found at the higher end of the vape industry, and they are among the most feature-rich, powerful, and expensive. Many mods come with a range of adjustable settings and they can reach outputs that far exceed anything a vape pen can generate.

Are Vape Mods Right For Me?

Vape mods aren’t for everyone, but they are ideal for those who want to gain more control by personalising their vaporizer.
Given this, these are likely not the best option for you if you’re a beginner or someone with limited experience. They’re also probably unsuitable for you if you don’t want to further customise your vaping experience and would rather keep things as straightforward as possible.
A high-quality mod will be a great option, however, if you’re a little more seasoned and enjoy switching between various flavours and vaping styles.

The Pros Cons of Vape Mods


When comparing vape mods and other vaping devices, like vape pens, you will see a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the key pros and cons when choosing a vape mod:

  • Allows added customisation
  • Houses a larger battery
  • More power and voltage options
  • Generally has a display showing info like – puffs, battery, stats etc
  • Ability to change vaping styles and flavours


  • Tend to be more expensive
  • Tank have to be purchased separately
  • More complex device that is not suitable for beginners

What Are Box Mods?

After discussing vape mods in general, let’s look at a particular kind of mod: a box mod. Don’t be tricked by this; despite the fact that it can appear to be a separate item, it is only a vape mod that resembles a box, hence the name.

Which Vape Mod Is Best For Me?

The greatest mod vape may obviously vary from person to person depending on their needs and preferences. This is primarily due to the fact that there are so many excellent ones available.
If you are a first-time vaper then preferably start with a beginners kit and then experiment your way up the ladder to eventually find your custom niche.

Where Can I Buy Mods in London?

Now that you know everything you need to know about mods (including the best mod for you!), you probably want to know where to buy mods in London.
My E-Cig has got you covered! We have a wide range of mods to choose from, as well as an arsenal of other vape accessories. We’re your one-stop-shop for all things vape. Visit our online shop and see for yourself!

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