The Action Bar Being A Huge Portion Of RuneScape

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Making combat a lot easier to get By now you should have seen all kinds of information about the activity bar and how you'll have the RS gold ability to construct your own set of switches for key combat features. Importantly, you'll also have the ability to map every on-screen button to your keyboard. You will be able to drag spells, gear, prayers (such as the quick prayer button). . .pretty much anything, really. Food you eat through the action bar will keep removing food from your inventory until you are from the food type; same with potions. We are totally redesigning the spell novel also, which makes it significantly easier to use, and adding combat-specific abilities to their ability book!

If you mouse-over a bit of equipment, you're going to get a tooltip which will let you know its stats, and will colour-code any increases or declines to your combat statistics - really convenient when dealing with brand new equipment. We are also altering the way that combat levels are computed. We are scrapping the current 138 max design and substituting it with a calculation that is far easier to comprehend: X + Defence level +2 = your Combat level.

This makes the new max combat level 200! We're making this change purely because exercising your Combat level is, at present, complicated and perplexing, for new and seasoned players alike. We're eliminating any influence on your Combat level from Prayer, Summoning and Constitution levels. While they do have a very clear and desirable effect, attempting to signify that at the Combat level calculation is complex and is not actually necessary. Encouraging challenging fights.

We do not need to turn Runescape 2107 gold into something

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