Mid-play is where the most action happens in Madden 23

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Gus Johnson

Based on Ronnie Morales, EA's audio director for Madden 23 the addition of Johnson to Madden 23's Madden fold is only one of the enhancements implemented to the games audio presentation this season however Mut 23 coins, it's certain be one of the more prominent. There's around 90,000 words of commentary that are featured in the game this year. Johnson refers to the mounds of script that he's reading in the game as "stacks as well as stacks upon stacks of paper"--which is a vast difference from the 500-plus lines of dialogue used in the original Madden game, which was played a decade before.

Johnson's signature excitement -- if you've been to a live NCAA basketball match featuring him as the host you've experienced the type of energy he's capable creating--was evident throughout the gameplay that Madden 23 showed off to the media. According to Morales the biggest difference between the sound of this year's game and previous games is during the middle of the game and that's when all the excitement takes place. Yes, Johnson and Collinsworth can create the distance and down before it's snapped but when the ball is placed in the hands of the quarterback that the true test for the players in the booth begin.

Mid-play is where the most action happens in Madden 23. It's also where the new play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson will be at his most effective.

An example: Madden 23 the game, when a player caught the ball and walked towards the field, on their way towards the finish zone Hammond seldom did anything more than announce the yard marker that he was passing. Sure, it was precise, but not the most exciting. In Madden 23 you'll be able to hear Johnson continuously increase the intensity of the receiver as he removes tackles and barrels towards the goal line. When the player is at the final area madden 23 coins buy,  Johnson appears to be robbing the crowd and the whole process appears less like a scholarly game and more like the ultimate gridiron feat.

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