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Developers from the Path of Exile production team recently announced the exact release date of POE 3.13. Players worried about whether they still affect the development team by COVID-19 and delays the release of the new extension for December. But GGG announced that they are confident that they will release the next extension on time. But the bad thing now is that because CD Projekt released the latest Cyberpunk 2077, the POE team had to postpone 3.13 to early next year. Anyway, players have to reserve enough POE Currency first.

What players really didn’t expect was that the reason for the 3.13 expansion delay to make way for the release of other games. Developers have stated in the announcement that the development techniques they are using ensure the punctual release of new extensions. But because CD announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will release on December 10. They don’t want to make it difficult for players to choose between these two games. So they made the postponement decision just to be safe.

We currently expect developers to complete all the work on the 3.13 extension in early December or mid-month. The newly expanded range will remain unchanged. Now, because they have postponed its release time, there is enough time to prepare for things to be done next year, such as starting the development of the 3.14 extension. Now, postponing the release is a certainty. Players will also soon get more information about what to expect from 3.13 and the subsequent release calendar.

From now on, players are very disappointed with GGG’s move. But POE enthusiasts are still preparing for the next challenges by Buy Exalted Orb and POE Items. In fact, from another perspective, novice players also have more time to understand the game.

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