Seventeen of the Madden NFL 23 season are completed

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It's apparent that he's not yet ready for the big show being the head coach Mut 23 coins, and that's in line with everything I've heard from training camp. Lamar played a few plays when he slipped into the pocket and was able throw off the field but he didn't throw accurately from the pocket.

Of course, this is the first preseason game and Lamar continues to improve but RG3 seemed more like an Ravens backup quarterback to Joe Flacco and not Jackson.

The Colts can be the most dangerous team of the Madden NFL 23 playoffs

Seventeen of the Madden NFL 23 season are completed, and we have 12 championship teams. Overall, it was an amazing season that came to the final twitch, like it was supposed to. The drama towards the end of the afternoon period was thrilling it was a fantastic way to close the season.

The Colts as well as the Ravens are going to be hard to beat in the playoffs.

Andrew Luck is now 11-0 against the Titans and 12-1 against the top five scoring defenses after Week 5 of his career. He's an athlete. The game was exactly as I had expected even without Marcus Mariota. The Colts dominated the line of play all night. Marlon Mack rushed 25 times for 118 yards. Their offensive line made sure that Luck mostly on his feet and he dominated outside of the ball with only one miss. Luck was 25/35 for 285 yards and three touchdowns madden 23 coins cheap. Yes the interception was a disaster but it's certainly not the norm for Luck.

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