Trends in Small Mouth Juicer

Small Mouth Juicer is a machine that can produce pure natural green drinks.

Small Mouth Juicer is a machine that can produce pure natural green drinks. The orange juice squeezed by Small Mouth Juicer is freshly squeezed pure juice. Its major feature is: the juice does not contain any artificial preservatives, stabilizers, pigments, Flavor, water, etc., are fundamentally different from the existing concentrated juice, canned, bottled, flexible packaging, powdered, and granular flush juice on the market. Small Mouth Juicer adopts the squeeze type. After the fresh oranges are sterilized and rinsed, they can be directly put into the machine, peeled, juiced, and filtered automatically. Freshly squeezed and drunk, the orange juice has no skin, no silk, no seeds, no residue, and has a very good taste. good.

The Small Mouth Juicer has a reasonable design and is advanced in both appearance and internal structure. The original parts that come into contact with the juice are made of stainless steel and non-toxic plastic polypropylene and A.B.S., which meet food-grade hygiene standards and are safe. Small Mouth Juicer machines are compact and reasonable in structure, small in size, and light in weight.

Small Mouth Juicer is suitable for small drink shops, fruit shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, card halls, tea shows, coffee houses, etc., and has a wide range of uses. Also suitable for home use by successful people. With the improvement of people's concept of food consumption, freshly squeezed juice will replace carbonated beverages as people's main beverages. It is an irreplaceable machine for the progress of human life.

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