Visit Antarctica and Explore The Splendors of Nature

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Visit Antarctica at least once in your lifetime. It is a truly unique trip to the bottom of the earth. You will witness stunning natural wonders and a variety of wildlife- penguins, seals, whales and more. The experience will take your breath away.

From panoramic views of ice waterways, glaciers, and towering icebergs, to shiny mountains, the trip will be beyond your expectations. Apart from that the marching penguins, the yelling seals, and the many types of sea birds, you will witness such unique sights and animal behaviors that will make you awestruck.

Traveling to the far south to the 'White Continent' is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Antarctica, the 7th continents is a place for 'the holiday of a lifetime, where you will encounter some of the most impressive wildlife on the planet. Antarctica offers a completely pristine environment to enjoy during your travel, and you will see few, if any, other visitors.

This remote area is accessed by expedition cruise ships, usually starting in South America. To enjoy the wonders of Antarctica, there are many decisions to make – time of year, ship, budget and length of trip. Being prepared and working with a knowledgeable Travel to Antarctica specialist will make your tour hassle-free and memorable .

The biodiversity on the Antarctic continent will make you surprised. It is unique and spectacular, and seasonal characteristics affect what travelers will see and experience while visiting. You can book your Antarctica cruise through the Antarctic spring and summer months from October to March. Other seasons are too cold and very short and ice prohibits access. The best time to Visit Antarctica will vary with your itinerary goals and seasonal opportunities.

During Antarctic spring you will witness splendid penguin courting rituals, and elephant and fur seals starting their breeding territories. By summer, you can get closer to the land and access more landing sites that offer some amazing photography opportunities. In the late summer, you can watch whale arriving from their annual migration trips.

You need to find and work with a knowledgeable, reliable and professional tour operator that is crucial when planning for an Antarctica cruise trip and selecting one that is best for you.  They should be highly experienced with Antarctica trips, and capable to handle the details of an Antarctica expedition.Looking to Visit Antarctica? Visit

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