We see substantial improvements throughout Madden 21

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I am frankly shocked that they even responded to Madden 21 coins this. The one thing that makes me optimistic is how they stated they would give updates on the changes before the games launch, I was totally expecting a"We are too close to start to make any adjustments, but it is something we'll look at to the future". Don't expect a lot of (if any) change before release date. One month is not really enough time to check things. IF they provide the franchise community something, expect it to be patched in through the year. I see people asking for radio shows and newspapers and such but if they added those, it would be adding chocolate sauce into three scoops of compost.

They can literally mend franchise mode with stains. Unless we see substantial improvements throughout Madden 21, they're filled with shit. As they usually are. Sad thing is nobody will hold off buying the game, and that's what it would require them to really make the sport better. Like we're requesting you to fix fundamental franchise style features you have literally had in prior decades. Do your job....

We been complaining about this shit for many years so we will see. I won't believe a word before I've a valid franchise mode in my display. Actively working on bolstering plans to support franchise in Madden 21 and beyond. I think it's too late for Madden 21 but hopefully they get the concept that Franchise mode NEEDS to be the focus in Madden 22. They're going to need to win all the players they alienated this year.

This can 100% be done in one year if they don't waste resources on a boring career mode like Face of the Franchise. I am not buying M21 unless you can find SIGNIFICANT franchise improvements. Last year was the first time I got Madden early this current gen and had to wait until week 10 or 11 irl to even start my franchise with all the patches and mods needed to fix the game. So perhaps if they really listen to once, it is going to be rewarding but I am not anticipating much of anything still. I'm hoping M22 will really give franchise the changes it deserves. They said the exact same shit"we're listening to the fans".

They'll create franchise style just adequate enough to rope you in for the 60 admittance ticket. Then they'll funnel you towards ultimate team as far as they possibly can. Updates and new content for UT weekly but franchise style will remain largely the exact same on day 1 which it's 12 months afterwards. I enjoy UT, particularly squads, but mut 21 coins xbox one it is pretty shitty just how EA pushes the ultimate team stadium in all their sports games now.

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