Initial impression of the Path of Exile ceremony challenge league

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The new expansion that players are looking forward to, Echoes of the Atlas is a major update to the final game of Path of Exile. The addition of the new challenge league is something that old players will definitely like. I can’t get this content during the first weekend of release. In other words, this is the challenge I look forward to when I work hard in the Etiquette League.

This is just my first impression of the ceremonial challenge league. After playing PoE for nearly 30 hours this weekend, my echo of Atlas content is not enough to give a good impression. Echoes of the Atlas adds 11 new maps to the atlas, adds vibrant tiles to the game, and epic boss battles in each tile. All this intensified the epic boss battle with Maven.

PoE is an action role-playing game (ARPG). These types of games can quickly kill a large number of monsters. You want your character to feel powerful and get as much loot as possible through the POE Currency tile set. Past leagues, such as Harvest, Delirium, Legion, Heist, ect,... can slow down players' speed of doing other things for the league. Personally, I like to slow down and spend some time killing monsters at an amazing speed, but most supporters don't like it. The core community wants to kill and get loot. The Ritual Alliance allows players to kill and loot until their hearts are satisfied. After a while, I found that etiquette was a bit boring, but after adding Atlas’ Echoes to the league, I can see how etiquette helps players maintain engagement as they level up.

Basically, the ritual is like harvesting, but there is no need to Buy POE Orbs harvest nodes and plant seeds. Moreover, Harvest is also part of the alliance and can be simplified to be more like a ritual, rather than like the Animal Crossing farm simulator. The ritual is in each tile, and depending on the tile, a certain amount of ritual must be completed. Each tile has a loot table for the ceremony. When you kill a monster, you will get a tribute for the purchased item. Assuming that there are three rituals in the tile, you complete the first ritual and get the permission to buy loot with the tribute.

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