So fun, I feel addicted to Path of Exile again

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On January 15, Grinding Gear Games released a new seasonal Path of Exile league. This latest league is called the Ceremony League, and it is different from most of the seasonal leagues we have seen from Grinding Gear Games for two reasons. Originally scheduled to be launched on December 11th, Grinding Gear Games decided to postpone the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 until December 10th because it does not want to force players to play the new Path of Exile League and Cyberpunk "Choose between-one of the most anticipated games in recent memory.

After the disastrous release of "Cyberpunk 2077", most Path of Exile fans would prefer to involve Ritual Alliance, but in any case, Ritual Alliance is not only special because the POE Currency release is delayed for a month. It is also on sale with the new endgame expansion, which further expands the already shocking endgame progress.

It has also passed Path of Exile players returning in droves. Although Atlas and Ritual League’s Echoes are not as full of loopholes as the previous league Heist, Grinding Gear Games noted that the new extension is "11% higher than the peak player count of any previous Exile Path release, causing server instability , Causing some players to suffer multiple crashes.

As one of the players, despite the crash, after playing for a weekend, I went all out again. This is particularly surprising to me, because I have also participated in the extensive Heist League, so just a few months ago, I was also in the pain of road to exile addiction. Normally, I will take a few league vacations during the game vacation, which lasts about three months, but it seems that I am no longer just a casual Path of Exile player.

If you want to thoroughly understand all aspects of the game, I haven't done it yet. In early 2021, Path of Exile is a rich game. These seasonal leagues almost always introduce new game mechanics into the core game rotation after the league ends, and about four new mechanics have been added every year since 2013, so a lot of investment is required.

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