Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas is recognized as Grinding Gear’s most successful expansion

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Path of Exile: The release of Echoes of the Atlas has made players like this game even more, and it has been announced as the most successful expansion in the history of developer Grinding Gear Games. The developer of this action RPG game announced that the number of players in the latest version has been well received, hitting more than 265,000 concurrent players during the release process. New players are still increasing.

Not long ago, studio co-founder Chris Wilson announced in a press release that Echoes of the Atlas is Path of Exile’s most successful expansion to date. "Since 2013, after the release of more than 30 quarters of the league, we are still very happy to set a new record for the number of players. This shows that we are moving towards Path of Exile 2 and our development methods are moving towards the POE Orbs right Direction of development."

As the studio described in detail on Twitter last week, when the extended version was released last week, the number of concurrent exile path players on various platforms reached a remarkable peak of 265,250 on each platform, which is higher than the POE Currency previous free PC game. The record increased by 11%. 237,160. As a result, it was ranked fourth on Steam's most popular list at the time.
Echoes of the Atlas was released on January 15th, bringing 11 new maps to the game, and important new characters also brought their own challenges, including The Maven, who has the ability to increase the difficulty of battle. In addition, there is a ritual alliance full of action, a series of improved advantages, and so on.

If you haven’t got a deep understanding of the extension and want to learn more, you can find more information here.

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