I am pretty sure you'll make more cash just killing Dragons

I am pretty sure you'll make more cash just killing Dragons

And should you have at RS gold least level 60 Dungeoneering you can access Taverley source dungeon; Red dragons - Not really recommended because Red dragons can only be located in 2 areas if I'm not mistaken: Red dragon island in the Wilderness and Brimhaven dungeon and both are from a bank; Black dragons - Taverley is busy everywhere I would not even bother so Zanaris is your very best alternative imo; Metal dragons - Not much to mention here, all Metal dragons are in the Brimhaven dungeon (Mithril dragons being the sole exception) and aren't too difficult to kill and also have pretty decent drops; Frost dragons - 85 Dungeoneering demanded so it's not really an option for you right now if you don't feel like training Dungeoneering. You can also attempt to make money with Slayer but unless you get Dragon jobs all the time I am pretty sure you'll make more cash just killing Dragons.

What Silv stated are pretty great hints. When I was your level I'd Experiments. All the way from 60-70 plus it took me just like 3 days. It was boring since you don't actually get anything but encounter there though. It's kind of weird because I don't remember what I have been performing 70-90. I know I have Chinned a few tasks, umm and done things like Ranging directors, the Circus. Not to mention Cannon.

If you don't have a issue with wasting some money you can Cannon Dagannoths while you Range them as well. Or you can Chin, but I do not imply Chinning til at 80+. Moving to Yaks could be good exp/hr. Around 40k at the best now likely. But that may be pushing it a bit. Since there are lots of bots there.

I have not attempted Fire Giants though. I see a lot of folks doing this whenever I had a job of these though. So it must be alright. Aviansies can be a fantastic money maker and alright exp. But I am also fearful like Yaks, they are starting to have lots of bots. Hope I kind of helped. I was wondering - give myself 2 years (maxing out etc.) and then going into a Nexing team w/ specialist equipment, heck, maybe solo when possible, or, give myself one year and get CLOSE, or, heck, maybe even, max out just through doing Frost Dragons, and I would even have an ely following approximately 1 year.

I am really not sure what I need to buy osrs gold paypal do, however, and, actually, I am just searching for a priority. I am done PvPing, until Jagex fixes the PJ system, therefore, PvM is the way I'll be rolling. I've seen the water harm - and, really, it does not amuse me. Main reason why I'm leaning towards Elysian. (14% Soak -200. E.g., 300 hit would only soak 14 dmg.D 14% Soak is the"20% soak" that's exactly what it says in KB.

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