Path of Exile Reveals New Delirium Expansion

Delirium will hit PC live servers on March 13. Before coming to PS4 and Xbox One the week of March 16.


Grinding Gear Games has announced a new expansion for Path of Exile called Delirium, and this one is all about facing the nightmares in your character’s mind. Step through the mirror of Delirium and enter a realm where old enemies are stronger, and new enemies appear from the fog your character’s mind. These enemies will have a number of different modifiers applied with some creatures being very rare encounters, but each one can drop some very powerful loot. The further you go in the stronger the loot but the more dangerous the enemies.

For those unfamiliar with the gam it’s influence comes from both the Diablo video game series and Magic: The Gathering, Path of Exile has long been known for its dark fantasy, massive League updates, and infamously convoluted systems. Ever since the game’s original PC release in 2013, Path of Exile has presented fans with a wide variety of randomly generated entertainment and a plethora of expansions and updates which constantly improve the game’s replayability.

What is the new Delirium expansion about?

The new Delirium expansion features areas with a new item called the Mirror of Delirium. Touching the mirror causes your character to enter a state of “delirium” which adds a creepy mist to the map and other spooky, otherworldly elements that are based on your character’s deepest fears. In short, this mist invades the player’s mind and creates new, more challenging scenarios that adds dynamic difficulty and tougher enemies. New monsters will spawn and rush straight towards players, while the existing monsters in the area will become stronger. Delirium encounters will start off at a lower level, but the further you go the harder the encounter but also the better the rewards.

In the expansion, maps in the endgame will also be receiving changes, including improvements to the UI and more concrete methods to spawn endgame bosses. Different areas offer different rewards, and players can use Orbs of Delirium to apply Delirium to that area with up to five being applicable at the same time. The more orbs you apply the more dangerous the encounter. Past battles can be refought with the orbs applied which increases the difficulty. But also allows better loot to be dropped. As with other Leagues, new unique items, skills, and crafting materials are coming to the game.

What other new changes can we expect from it?

Another major change coming to Path of Exile with the new update is the new “cluster jewels” that can be found in the Delirium league. These jewels can be placed on sockets of your skill tree to create additional passive skill groups that can each contain even more sockets. According to Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson, this is the biggest change to the level of control. And customization you have over your character since Ascendancy classes were added in 2016. There are millions of possibilities unlocked with the new jewel system, Wilson says. So, it will no longer be so easy to find an easy path toward creating the best character. This should help Path of Exile feel fresh and exciting, and more mysterious, Wilson says.

When does the Delirium expansion launch?

The story elements for the Delirium expansion are under wraps, so as to preserve the mystery, Wilson adds. However, for the theme and tone of the expansion. It’s focus is on bringing the game back to its roots with a focus on action combat and difficulty. Delirium is a “core, foundational” expansion that will challenge veterans, Wilson says. Beyond the Delirium encounters and all they have to offer, long-time Path of Exile players can also look forward to new skills. Such as Blade Blast and Kinetic Bolt. The Delirium expansion includes two more skills and three additional support gems that will be announced later. What’s more, there are new items coming to Path of Exile in the expansion. POE Currency : Delirium will hit PC live servers on March 13. Before coming to PS4 and Xbox One the week of March 16.

When is Path of Exile 2 releasing?

Back in November, Grinding Gear Games was working on Path of Exile 2 with a beta supposedly releasing later this year. But that has now been delayed. Wilson explains that the studio had to pull some of the Path of Exile 2’s development team onto its upcoming Path of Exile Delirium expansion. To avoid delays due to the coronavirus. “This caused several weeks of delay. And while we shuffled stuff around so that it didn’t affect our current Delirium expansion. It has shunted our Path of Exile 2 schedule a little bit.” he said. “Our initial estimate was to start some early beta testing in late 2020,” he continued. “But we’re going to revise that estimate. As we approach it to make sure that things are ready enough for community feedback. Rushing it out won’t benefit anyone, we believe!”

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