Parental Rights and Child Support: Navigating The Legal Waters


Being a parent is one of the most challenging things any adult will do with their life. You have to worry about their well-being, pay for their upbringing, make sure they're fed, clothed, and sheltered. These things are not easy, to say the least. Any person that's a parent currently can attest to these facts. when it comes to parental rights and child support; it's often murky water. Parents that have full custody of their child would like to know if they can receive child support from the other parent, while the other parent might want to get out of paying child support. It's important to know that every situation is different. 


Do You Have To Pay Support?

Many parents wonder if they owe child support regardless of their income situation. The answer is yes. If you have a child, and you are no longer with the other parent, the one who doesn't have primary custody will need to pay some child support bc. The question becomes, how much? This is an excellent answer and one a lawyer will be able to assist you with. Typically there are formulas that dictate how much a support-paying parent will need to contribute.


Do You Need To Establish Paternity?

If you're not with your ex, and you weren't married, you may need to establish paternity to prove that the child is yours. This is a relatively easy task. You simply request a paternity determination from the court. They will then set up a time and a place for you to take a paternity test, and you'll have to wait for the results. Once the products come in, you can start the ball rolling on child custody and child support. For mothers that are seeking child support, determining paternity is one of the ways you can get child support faster should your ex be unwilling to give you money.


What If Your Ex Is Horrible?

Chances are the relationship didn't work out. Otherwise, the topic of support and parental rights wouldn't be an issue. Should your ex be a mother that despises you and is keeping custody of you or threatening your visitation unless you pay, it is time for the legal system to step in. This sort of treatment isn't acceptable for any parent, no matter if they are the mother or father. Parents should be working together to give their babies the best life possible, with both parents involved. For parents that go to work, try to provide, and don't have bad habits like drug use or have abused the other party, there is no real reason to keep that parent from their biological child.

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