Your First Physio Visit: What You Should Know


Have you been told you need to visit the physiotherapist? A physiotherapist is an excellent addition to anyone's general health and well-being. They work on improving strength, minimizing pain, and healing after accidents. Many individuals will see a physiotherapist after a car accident, work-related incident, while pregnant, after a sports injury, and many more. Chronic back pain sufferers are also known to see a physiotherapist for treating back and neck pain. 

If you're new to physiotherapy, you're probably wondering what to expect from your first visit. This is completely normal, and below we go through some of the top questions asked by those new to physical therapy.


What Should You Wear?

You'll want to wear something comfortable. You'll also want to wear tennis shoes, and a well-fitting shirt and pants. You don't want to dress like you're going to a day at the office or to go out for a night on the town. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. If you’re not able to do basic exercises without having to readjust, you might want to double back and change your outfit.


What Should You Bring?

For most individuals, you won't need to bring anything but yourself. You should, though, remember your photo id, insurance card, any information or papers you have from workers compensation or a personal injury attorney. You, if referred by a physician, will need that referral as well. Call in advance to make sure you have everything you need before your first session.


How Long Are The Appointments?

The first appointment is always the longest. This will be where your physiotherapist gets a better understanding of you and your situation. They will go over what pain you're experiencing, what your goals are, and then determine where your starting points are at. This is critical to understanding what improvements are made over the course of treatment. It also can serve as an encouragement to individuals who feel like they haven't had any success.


How Long Do I Have To Go?

Your bankstown physiotherapy sessions will be different than everyone else’s. No two cases are the same, and therefore therapy will vary. You might progress faster than originally thought. Your physiotherapist can give you an estimate as to how long your treatments will last and how many sessions you need, but keep in mind these are estimates. Typically, most physiotherapists don’t want patients to spend a long time seeing them. They would rather their patients heal.

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