Snoop Dogg withdraws from the live broadcast of Madden NFL 21

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Snoop Dogg is one of the iconic rappers, and he found himself feeling very enthusiastic in the most recent Twitch live broadcast that took place on the weekend. In a video stream encouraging fans to "relax, rest, and relax", Snoop found himself cutting off the video stream due to the anger that broke out during the "Madden NFL 21" game. If you are a Madden player, then you can Buy MUT 21 Coins to enhance your strength in the game.

Snoop's stream especially ended yesterday, lasting more than seven hours in total. However, Snoop does not even appear in a small part of the runtime. Within 15 minutes of the live broadcast, Snoop launched Madden NFL 21 and jumped into online multiplayer matches. Although Snoop was almost helpless, things quickly fell to the south. At the halftime of the game, Snoop had fallen 14-0 and then gave up a touchdown against his opponent. The score caused Snoop to yell out many curses in frustration, then shut down the Xbox, bumped its controller onto the table, and dashed. To learn more about Madden 21 Coins, welcome to visit our website GameMS.

As mentioned earlier, the most interesting part is that Snoop did not close his streaming session when he exited the game. Instead, he just walked out of the room angrily. As a result, the video stream continued for more than seven hours. In the end, an undisclosed individual finally walked into the room and ended the Twitch meeting. Despite leaving the game room early, Snoopy never saw it again.

Even if it's funny to see a celebrity like Snoop Dogg getting frustrated in this way, it's hard to blame him for everything that happened. Oops, we must have had such a moment in our lives when we angrily quit multiplayer games. I know I am full. Whether Snoop will return to streaming in a short time remains to be seen, but we hope his next potential session will last longer. For players, Buy MUT Coins is the most effective and convenient way to help them build a strong team.