The other thing I'm wondring whether it can be inserted

The other thing I'm wondring whether it can be inserted

The other thing I'm wondring whether it can be inserted is that can get seeds from the things we grow? Even if its just one seed per harvest cause in RS gold real life it is possible to get seeds out of you gardens for what you plant and I think would be good to add to runescape. I've recently did the Fairy Stories 1 Quest so I could get the green secateurs to ensure when I crop my crops I would get 10% more from the harvest. Because I have been wielding them the sum that I am harvesting is a good deal less. Is there somethingg more I have to do to create the secateurs function better?

Thank you very much Jagerx for all of the upgrades you're doing and for the most part I've liked what you have come up with. Runescape is a grreat sport and I truly love playing it.

Hi guys, looknig at all the posts on the suggestion boards, they're all about becoming mage up so it could battle warriors, but everyones forgetting array. I love range, I'm very bad at it but It's teh most mundane of All of the combats (apart from crossbows and darkbows)After going through this hard thing, you'll be teleported into Falador, along with"Jimmy's bike". It cannot be dropped, but rather destroyed. It will break apart the day the event finishes, so dont think about maintaining it! And no, you cant ride it about. Walk around a little bit watching for the event icon on the minimap. You'll find new folks in the icons. Speak to them and persuade them to give you the gifts. Sarah Zarm-Kim's Hoop and Stick (HoP)-General shop, first floor. Michael Jackston-Josh's panties -East lender, first floor (Duh)

After obtaining all these items, go and find the thread and needle and return to Santa's location (Neds home ) and give him them all. Thank you! Thank you! You saved Christmas! Now, for this reward! Ah yes, almost forgot! You'll find a cheap OSRS gold certificate from Santa that is able to be used at the fancy dress shop in Varrock. You'll also receive the next event-You wave into the skies, and a loud"Ho-Ho!" is heard. You accidently get hit on the head with a present box.

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