This is a bit more complicated

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Right, essentially, I don't enjoy the new system (using help ) cause you do not get ess back. Jagex still has W66 listed as OSRS gold a Law Running globe, I don't know why, but here's my suggestion for a new way of law/air etc running. Its pretty easy. I've got two suggestions; Possess an NPC who functions as a crafter and a runner (or 2 NPCs.)

If you're a runner, then you bring your un-noted ess and provide it to the NPC, he gives you back the appropriate quantity of legislation runes, and the noted ess. Exactly the same as before, except without the use of trading, so its impossible to RWT with this method. If you are a crafter, you attract 27 runes together with you and also a specific amount of noticed essence. Give the NPC that the 27 runes, and 27 noted ess. Craft them, rinse and repeat.

This is a bit more complicated, but it utilizes the identical system as former runecrafting. Variation 1; You've got some type of setup window, such as cheap RuneScape gold the GE. Runner; Fundamentally, if you are a runner, then you would put in your 27 un-noted ess. A crafter would accept your offer from the window, which also revealed other offers.

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