When a crafter puts in runes & notes

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You would recieve noted character your appropriate runes. A window would seem, with OSRS gold boxes with images of un-noted ess. These are distinct supplies from the runners. (The supplies would prob. Be the same. You click one, and therefore are given 27 un-noted ess backagain.

Variation 2 (Personally I enjoy this much more.) The same as the above, except you don't find the offers, this is because perhaps certain crafters would only choose certain runners (friends etc.) Runner; Put on your character. A message appears at a window. After a time, you should recieve your own runes noted ess.

Crafter; You deposit 27 runes 27 noted ess (maybe into a box of some sort?) If the world is populated, you will almost instantly recieve the un-noted ess. What basically is occurring here, is when a runner sets in their ess, they are added to a que (this could be insvisible in the windows interface though, the que would only be from the coding.)

When a crafter puts in runes notes, then they are finishing an offer. When the following crafter puts in runes notes, then they're taking the next persons ess from the que. It works a bit as the GE. I'm presuming there's a que system in the GE, instance, two items are placed in at precisely the exact same price, but one is put in before the other. Another player wants to purchase the product, the GE gives the money to the person who first put in cheap RS gold the merchandise. Pretty simple idea, I can't find any flaws with it. I need to expand it however, this is simply an outline to get a proposal to be possibly taken up by Jagex.

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