Can anyone here please tell me exactly

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You may find Zanik in a crystal cage, even when you aproach it that a female Goblin will poof in and ask you what you do. You tell that RS gold you are here in order to save Zanik. Aladrial (The goblin) will tell you the High War God has plans to take over Runescape and won't alow Zanik to ruin his plans. You the dumb. . I mean courageous adventurer will tell Aladrial that either Zanik is freed or you will personally see to it the High War God pays.

Aladrial will then start to to wail on you. Run for your life from Zanicks cage and prepare yourself for a challenging fight. Aldrial can't hit you here, but you cannot mage or include this spot either..its mainly a spot for you to run, eat,bud, summon, etc..

Ok... here's the deal Aladrial will drain your prayer to 0 if you turn on any security prayer. . .however. . Lets say Aladrial is meleeing you that is what she does initially...(hits 30'-40's) run to secure place turn on keep from mage and run back. .

You then can run to secure place, eat, pot, and flip protect from range. . .run back. . .And Aldrial will range you for 5 strikes (hots 15's to 25's) and drain your salvation to 0. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like and try to kill her along with your preferred battle of choice. Once Aldrial is dead, you will be hit with a retropution type spell that no matter how many hitpoints you have will require you to 1 (If you have 1 hitpoint it won't move any farther down). Your screan will subsequently faid to black, as you pass out from massive damage.I have attempted to post a proposal to get a few improvements to this farming skill in the official forum, however, I must be violating something, because my posts keeps being deleted! I have attempted to read the asterik thread to see if I suggest something which isn't permitted (did anyone mention:"banana republic"), but so far I haven't figured it out myself.

Can anyone here please tell me exactly what I violate with this suggestion: Suggestion. After having been farming a bit I have come up with a few tweaks, which I believe will greatly improve the farming encounter: The compost Bin - Make it feasible to realize how many components there's left befor that the Compost Bin is complete (like the Vegetable Sack or Fruit Basket) Make it so it possible to see how much the cheap OSRS gold rotting process has become, illustrated a percent or in time [MM.SS]. When making super compost I must put each fruit and vegetable to the bin (like the weeds), I would love to have the identical option with the fruit and vegetables.

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