Lane steals are the #1 factor that ruins gamers' experience

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Make standing dip as strong as NBA 2K MT man contact dunks and driving dip as strong as driving contact dunks. Boost the rating for individual contact dunks from 75 to 85 and stop letting every big man build get them. Big individual contact dunks mean next to nothing since virtually all facilities can get it. A reddish center should not have 99 standing dip. A shooting glock shouldn't find man contact dunks. There ought to be a offensive gap between offensive and defensive centers. Get cubes and losing the ball fakes. Fix putbacks. Fix pins. Just redo the inside from scratch.

Lane steals are the #1 factor that ruins gamers' experience. One of the biggest issues is the fact that you spam while remaining in the same spot steal. Lane steals ought to be a gamble. Pressing steal at the incorrect time ought to take you from position. A steal attempt should always bring about an open person. For non defensive assembles to get passing lane steals Additionally, it is too simple.

NBA 2K21 just frustrates me as I made a Dennis Rodman build with extremely large defense and 30 defensive badges and dudes will still green in my eyes even when I have a competition on it. I also feel displays need to be worked with Buy NBA 2K Coins. I shouldn't be hauled into displays and possess an elite get 2 feet of separation to get an instant green bc I have glued into the centre.

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