Or Just Having Fun and Playing Runescape How They Want

Or Just Having Fun and Playing Runescape How They Want


GM quests used to possess good demi supervisors such as Glacors or even TDs, but they trash that isn't really worth doing unless you desire logs. Prayer bonus utilized to matter, so chains such as Nomad or Proslyete were worthwhile. Prayer bonus sucks and is only a stat you do not care about but is great to have. Prif used to be enormous, but if your only goal is maxing it isn't worth unlocking.People who simply care for skilling, or battle, or just having fun and playing RuneScape Gold  how they want, or etc..

Quests was enormous. They unlocked powerful items, good things to killnew areas which were important, etc.. Nowadays many of these aren't even worth doing. Barrows gloves suck today. TDs/Glacors/Muspah/Nihils/etc aren't worth killing. Are, however, there are much better things to kill/camp than Nightmares for GP. If Memory of Nomad is well worth doing as a weekly hell, I'm not sure. Prif used to be huge for skillers, as there are far better skilling locations, but nowadays it is not worth unlocking.

Prayer bonus pre-eoc was a huge stat, but post-eoc it sucks quest chains like recruiting push - slug to get Proslyete armor isn't worth it. Or quests such as Nomad for the older BIS prayer cape, etc.. Xp rewards was huge, but skills are so fast you're better off skilling than doing quests barring some early game ones and that the xp is lackluster. So on so on. So now the only reason to do quests would be to your Quest Point Shop rewards, or in the event that you actually enjoy performing them.

RuneScape Spring Update

I really don't want to have an Expansion version. I'd rather stop osrs gp , and return and play every 3 weeks rather than cover each and every month without nothing to do for two months. I want to learn what's upcoming. You don't need to tell me all the details or show every piece of content (maintain a couple a secret) but share some thing. Let us provide feedback so you don't need 5 weeks of attempting to repair something that might have been averted.


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