You can't see the other military till they strike you

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You can't see the other military till they strike you or OSRS gold are in at least 3 squars from one of you are demons. Every turn or so, the point changes within an earthquake and will proceed you are charecter. Every litle while, an arrow will fall from the skies randomly and hurt the monster. Only available with fire storm, the arrows drop less frequently but automaticly kills you're demon if it hits. Every little while, an imp appears to help the losing team.

A third group apperes randomly, and you need to kill it quicklyor else it can hit hard. You are military will regenerat at a short moment. The stage will randomly be generated. Aside from challenging people exclusivly, you can also do a random battle, which matches you up with a person somewhat equivalent to you in position and equipment.

Prizes: luitenant robe: Awarded for buy RuneScape gold the very first battle you win. Luitenant leather: same as above. To get 50 points, you can get a lesser demon dragon for everybody, this collection can use magic and melee at the exact same class. It is dragonfire hurts a bunch can't be updated

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