Bottle Bloing Machine - Working Processing

The Bottle Blowing Machine is simply a machine for blowing bottles.


The Bottle Blowing Machine is simply a machine for blowing bottles. For example, the milk bottles and beverage bottles that are common in our daily life, as well as the daily cooking bottles such as edible oils and pesticide bottles, are widely used in life. So how does the blower work? Xiaobian combines YC manufacturing experience to share knowledge about blow molding machines.

How Does PET Blowing Machine Work?

Many individuals do not know the working of Bottle Blowing Machine if you are one of those them no problem! We are going to mention different parts of this machine and its working.

Water Treatment System

The first part of the machine is this system. This water treatment system of Bottle Blowing Machine purifies the water. It removes the harmful organic matter, manganese, and other impurities from water to improve its quality. When the water purifies completely, then it moves to the other part of the machine, which is known as the filling machine.

Water Filling Machine

This part of the machine has different filling valves. These valves can fill up the water into the bottles equally. The workers can adjust the quantity of water according to their needs. After that, the machine will fill up each bottle up to that level. The conveyor starts moving the bottles under the valves and then the valves do the filling properly. This conveyor does not move the bottle until it fills up to a specified level. There is a neck holding tech which holds each bottle efficiently. It is easy to adjust the neck holding tech according to the shape and size of the bottles. The filling line is of high speed. It follows the clamp moving technology.

Automatic Labeling Machine

When the bottles fill up, then the conveyor takes them to the automatic labeling machine. This machine can do the labeling on each bottle or container automatically. The managers can adjust the position of the labels according to their requirement. After that, this machine will start labeling on that specific position. This labeling can highlight the bottles.

Automatic Packing Machine

It is the last part of the Bottle Blowing Machine. It has amazing functions that are fully automatic. It can transfer and arrange the bottles properly. Moreover, it can do the sealing and pack efficiently. It adopts the latest sealing technological innovation due to which the sealing is clean and firm. It has a PLC program which controls the circulation automatically. This program ensures that the machine works accurately. When the bottles reach this part, then this machine makes them ready for delivery.