Blizzard Removed Season 2 PvP Equipment in WoW TBC Classic

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In a short period of time, you can get the PvP Season 2 ring in TBC Classic to earn honor. These should not actually be available for purchase. Blizzard has now reacted and removed the equipment from the player's inventory.

As reported by community players, some of the characters in TBC Classic have been walking around with Season 2 PvP gear. The gear may be obtained from the dealer in a short time until the error is corrected. Obviously you can buy offset printing items like rings.

Update on June 18, 21: As Blizzard announced, Season 2 equipment will be removed from the game. A total of 81 players have already purchased the epic ring. The ring is taken back from the player. However, they do not have to think about penalizing and reclaiming the honor of their investment.

Although severe penalties have been imposed on PvP players before the release of TBC Classic, Blizzard does not seem to take action in this situation, because players with the aforementioned equipment can still keep their items. Even if this is not a direct use of game mechanics, such as the agreement on the battlefield during the pre-patch, these items should actually be removed again. Players who already have Season 2 equipment have an advantage over other players. No severe penalties are expected, because even unsuspecting gamers just bought the best equipment from dealers.

The best outcome players can hope for is that these items will simply be removed from the inventory without any penalties, and their money will be supported.

Does TBC Classic use the retail rating system?

Another problem with the TBC Classic Arena is the scoring system, which is already way too inflated and takes far too few points from teams. Shortly after the start of the season, players report that some teams have achieved a rating of 2200 and higher. If you look at the statistics from back then, you will see that that was already enough for the top 1% Gladiator title. With a rating of 2,200 you were already a gladiator, in TBC Classic some teams are already aiming for ratings like in retail WoW, where teams have cracked the 3,000 mark shortly after the start of the season.

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