Path of Exile Mobile Seems to Take an Already Great Game

Path of Exile Mobile Seems to Take an Already Great Game



At the ExileCon of this year, Grinding Gear Games revealed that POE Currency Mobile is currently in development, and early gameplay footage looks excellent. Between the upcoming release of Diablo Immortal and this, players will have access to two cellular titles, one being a ARPG that is fantastic, and the other being a Diablo game. The invention of a mobile version of Path of Exile isn't surprising when considering the acquisition of the developer by technology company Tencent in May of 2018. The consumer base in Asian markets has been seen as especially lucrative, and having a high quality title is sure to be profitable.

Tencent is among the most gaming firms that are dominant in China and is no stranger to mobile gaming. Since 2011 games have been hosted by them and are owners of League of Legends. Over the last couple of years Tencent has gained a part possession of enormous games, such as Fortnite, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and Ring of Elysium. Path of Exile may seem out of place in contrast to the games offered or owned by Tencent, but the sport is an ideal fit for the market. The game is Free to Play with cash purchases accessible for microtransactions of things, and this model has been successful for Grinding Gear Games because 2013.

Secondly ARPGs are a huge hit in China, and Tencent would have reason to want to capitalize on that market. Crusaders of Light and Endless are just two popular games, and were subject of controversy with respect to Diablo Immortal, which many promised to be a reskin of the popular games. One could be confused in thinking that this to be the case, particularly when looking at the mechanics at the Diablo Immortal.

Path of Exile Mobile seems to Buy POE orbs take an already great game and just make it mobile, without a compromise into the complex or gameplay mechanics that players have come to expect through time. As explained in the preview, gamers will feel right at home with the mobile variant of the game, and the sole difference is that maps will probably be smaller, as players use their cellular devices for shorter periods of time compared to PC and console gaming. We cannot wait to give the sport a go, and to compare the gameplay involving it and Diablo Immortal.


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