I really would love to see added into RuneScape

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Increases your aims strength and attack by 10%. Increases your targets vary by 10% There's decreased by 40% AND the helm slot, body slot and plate slot lsoe all magic defence bonus, does not effect negative bonuses OSRS Items. The boosts and defence drop return to normal when battle is engaged with another individual, this is to stop ridicullous exp.

Lv 48 - Fate. Sets a timer above your targets head, after 1 minute that an amount of harm is caused which maxes in 10. This can be dispelled by the goal removing everything worn out and then replacing it.

Lv 52 - Transfix. Neither the target can proceed while this charm is in effect. It continues for up to 30 seconds which you count as in battle. Your target cannot fight, use ranged attacks but can mage. Any struck you take breaks the charm. Your prayer level drains at the speed as if smite was busy, your magical level drains after this has reached 0.

Sets a timer above your aims head, after 1 minute an quantity of harm is caused which maxes at 20. This can be dispelled from the goal removing everything worn out and then replacing it. This spell can be cast more than once on a target but resets the timer. Can stack with destiny.

Drains the energy of this goal and yields half of it to you. Maxs in 12. I hit an 11 in my opponent, he loses 11 percent of his energy and I gain 5/6%. The half is determined.

This collection is unique because it has a helm and shield with decent defense stats that don't have any negative range bonuses. The remainder of the set would be just under black dragon hide. Requires 65 protection and 65 range to wear Buy RS3 Gold. This armor has marginally worse stats then dharok's armor. There is no shield included. Every one of these sets cost 50,000 points plus one mil.

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