The Newest Tier List of DPS - WoW Shadowlands 9.1

A number of adjustments and balance changes for various classes and specialties has been introduced into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands 9.1 patch

A number of adjustments and balance changes for various classes and specialties has been introduced into World of Warcraft: Shadowlands 9.1 patch. As some professions have undergone large-scale reforms, and some of the abilities of other professions have been weakened and enhanced, almost every player will see their professions affected by the patch to some extent.

Since the last patch, the choices of DPS players have become more confusing in terms of ranking, but the ranking of most familiar faces is still relatively close to the ranking when the Shadow Nation was released last fall. Players will realize that many of the top occupations in Patch 9.0 are still strong in Patch 9.1. But a few newcomers sneak up on the rank list of the next major content patch entering World of Warcraft.

Here is how each DPS specification is accumulated in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1

S Tier

Balance Druid
Shadow Priest
Windwalker Monk
Destruction Warlock

The top DPS professions in Patch 9.1 are mainly composed of remote specializations. Balanced is at the top of our list, thanks to it being one of the most powerful options for DPS players in the 9.0 patch, and it was only enhanced in the 9.1 patch. In addition, Windwalker Monk found himself the only melee DPS option at this level, thanks to its powerful and consistent single-target DPS during raids and effective AoE damage in Epic+Dungeons.

A Tier

Elemental Shaman
Havoc Demon Hunter
Subtlety Rogue
Retribution Paladin
Demonology Warlock
Unholy Death Knight
Arcane Mage
Frost Mage

Advanced DPS specialization consists of reliable long-range options, such as Elemental Shaman, Demonology Warlock, and several high-intensity melee specializations, such as Havoc Demon Hunter and Retribution Paladin. Due to the large number of gains that the class received before the 9.1 patch, the Subtlety Rogue stood out as a higher-level novice. As the original damage of core abilities such as Shadow Blade and Backstab increased, Subtlety became a competitive choice for attack and epic+ almost overnight.

B Tier

Fury Warrior
Assassination Rogue
Enhancement Shaman
Fire Mage
Outlaw Rogue
Affliction Warlock
Marksmanship Hunter
Survival Hunter
Arms Warrior

The professions in this tier are certainly not as competitive as the specializations you find in the first two tiers, but these options still have their advantages for players who are skilled and understand their profession. For example, Affliction Warlock was a "Flavour of the Month" specialization not long ago, but during the entire life cycle of the 9.0 patch, after many weakenings and overall balance changes, the specialization is weak but still usable status. Experienced painful players can still draw some important numbers through the norms. Other professions on this level have recently undergone earth-shaking changes, including fire mage and weapon warrior.

C Tier

Frost Death Knight
Beast Mastery Hunter
Feral Druid

If you want to play PvE content at a competitive level, you should avoid this evil trinity course at all costs. Whenever you play these classes, you will limit your overall throughput, which will hurt yourself. Like all classes, these three options can be used in the right hands, but the rewards will not be so great-even for experienced veterans. You have to put in 10 times the effort to get half of the rewards of other classes. Nonetheless, this does not eliminate the fact that wild druids and frost death knights may be some of the most interesting melee DPS options in the game.

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