Drink Anti-Posion and return to the Druid

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What's the issue? My skin hurts... I need... Niraye juice... Find... druid... For this procedure, you'll need a bucket, a chisel, a knife, as well as OSRS gold a vial of Anti-Posion (2). Go back to the docks. You'll find East Solar Isle if you head to the east. There are houses to look through until you come across an Old Druid. Speak to the Druid.

What could I do to assist you today, my young adventurers? I was hoping you could help me locate Niraye juice. Yes, I am. Bring me buckets and an Ecliptic Herb. You will be posioned if you return to the Beach and pick the other bush.

Drink Anti-Posion and return to the Druid. Did you bring me the herb? Yes, I have. You can search my cabinit and I will give you my AntiPosion gloves. Locate the Cabinit and search for the gloves that are enchanted. Now, I'll start the process of preservation.

The Druid cleans the herband you will be rewarded with a clean Niraye. To receive the juice. Chisel the "Un-ordinary rock" outside the druids house, to recieve a Black rock. The rock should be carefully cut with a Druid's Knife. Use the knife to operate it. The blade will begin to glow, and unequip itself. Following this the knife will stop cutting as it's been utilized. The herb will become a Bad Herb if you don't have the bucket. If you have an empty bucket, the bucket will turn into buy RuneScape Mobile gold the Niraye Juice Bucket.

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