You can request that your fortress team you with another team to have 30 players

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Drops. Drops will appear in RS gold a Revenant Box. It is a simple rule that the more you revs, the better your drops. But, it's like lootshare. However there is a twist: the person who gets the most hits doesn't get the whole drop.

Restrictions- do not imply in the dangerous crator. Armour: is provided depending on your time spent playing the game. The longer you play, the better armour you get and is dependent on the job you have got, (builder, attacker, defender). The price of these items can differ based on the amount you spent on the items. However, you can exchange the boxes you got from the game to the following items once you've left the mini-game. To view what drops you have received, you are able to reveal the contents of your boxes at any time.

You can request that your fortress team you with another team to have 30 players. To be successful in the game, you need to get to a place where revs respawn and bring all of the attackers. After that, you must destroy the passageway underground. The defenders revenants will wait for your return (they will respawn randomly). Please rate this chapter out of 10 and leave comments on the chapters that you would like to add.

Level 95 Slayer Monster. What factors make a good monster? Regular or high drops. You can keep it in the tank for hours and have an amazing experience. This new monster should be Slayer repitoirs an enjoyable addition to buy OSRS gold.

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