New World: Where Can I Find Silver Veins

Silver is essential for you throughout the journey of the game

When it comes to an important resource in New World of Amazon games, silver is essential for you throughout the journey of the game. From making armor to making weapons, silver is everywhere. Although very commonly used, it may be difficult for game novices to find silver coins. This is the best place in New World, where players can find silver.

In New World, silver can be mined from silver mines as ore. After finding the silver vein, interact with it, and then you can use the pickaxe to gather resources.

New World Coins players can usually find silver mines in caves, mines, or rocky terrain. There is no clear location for the best breeding silver mines, but the Windsward area is the first choice of many players because it is a highland area rich in silver mines.

Other good places for silver mines include First Light, Everfall and Monarch's Bluff. The best location for agriculture also depends on where you are on the map. In other words, players can track the location of the silver mine on Aeternum by simply looking at the map. However, this can only be done when the player reaches level 35 in the game. In addition, players can only start reaping silver after reaching level 10.

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