Rocket League Credits Showdown saw newly-shuffled squads

Rocket League Credits Showdown saw newly-shuffled squads

Released for all platforms on Tuesday, the riends Update?does what Psyonix said it would back in January and made cross-platform parties a reality on the PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even the PlayStation 4 platforms. This means that in addition to playing with and against competitors from different platforms, players can also party up with others regardless of how the game is played.

These changes were made possible by the RocketID feature and a Friends List which organizes players by those unique IDs. Since every platform has its own naming service, this RocketID feature assigns everyone a unique ID that allows players to search for others easily through a more centralized database of IDs. The IDs, according to Pysonix, are assigned automatically and are combinations of players?names and a random four-digit code, but they can be changed at any point to something players prefer more than the default ID.

Rocket League esports in early 2019 has been colored by massive roster moves in the RLCS off-season.Last month's WSOE: Rocket League Credits Showdown saw newly-shuffled squads compete in a LAN setting for the first time, where Dignitas crashed out of the bracket in the first round of the playoffs. However, Dignitas players ViolentPanda, Yukeo, and Turbopolsa decided they wouldn't let down their fans again.

Dignitas went undefeated all weekend long in Leipzig and defeated Renault Vitality in the finals, four games to two. The team earned themselves a tidy $50,000 for their efforts, and, perhaps more importantly, crushed any doubts that Rocket League esports fans might have about Dignitas' dominance.

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