Step by step instructions to finish the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife mod apk

Another weekend has shown up, and with it, a test in BitLife for players who need to test their abilities in the game. The test this end of the week is known as the Rocket Man Challenge, and it's commending melodic legend Elton John. You'll endeavor to make a comparable person

These are the entirety of the undertakings you'll have to complete to finish the Rocket Man Challenge.

Be conceived a male

Expert the piano

Become a well known independent craftsman

Have a twofold platinum record

Wed a man

The principal task on the test will be a simple one to finish. At the point when you're making your person, you should simply guarantee that they're a male. Nonetheless, not long after they're conceived, at whatever point you have the chance to share your person's sexuality, try to stamp them as gay. It'll make endeavoring to wed a man a lot simpler. You can do that undertaking whenever all through your person's life.

The subsequent stage is to dominate the piano. This implies you will have to build your person's ability with the piano at an extremely youthful age. You'll need to do this at whatever point you get the opportunity to take piano examples, and you'll need to do it right off the bat in your life, so your folks pay for a greater part of your illustrations. The best approach to dominate the piano is to guarantee it comes to 100% on your expertise bar, so you will have to augment this ability to dominate this ability.

Ultimately, you will have to turn into an independent craftsman. You can do this when you arrive at 18 years of age, and you can go down to the work alternative and look down to the unique vocations tab. From that point, you can decide to turn into an artist, and you'll have the alternative of joining a band or turning into an independent craftsman. Turning into an independent craftsman is the hardest thing to do, however with a completely dominated piano ability, you ought to do this without any issues.

The following thing you'll have to do is have a twofold platinum record. A twofold platinum record in BitLife mod is when more than 2,000,000 duplicates of a record are sold. The most ideal approach to do this is to sing pop or rap collections as an independent craftsman and delivery a collection each a few years. Delivering them excessively near each other risks your fans not accepting a collection. You're in an ideal situation doing it from time to time, honing your melodic ability en route. Ultimately, with the right collection name, notice advancement, and collection sort, you'll get a twofold platinum record following quite a while. Try not to anticipate that it should happen quickly; it takes a lot of training.

The last thing you will have to do is to wed a man. As we expressed before, you'll need to ensure your male person is gay to make it simpler to track down a male accomplice, and with the dating application, you'll discover a man to have as your life partner and wed whenever. You don't need to do this errand right away.

Subsequent to finishing those jobs, you'll total the Rocket Man Challenge and get another appearance thing for your profile.

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